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Money from Home

Herman owes a lot of gambling debts. To pay them off, he promises the mob he’ll fix a horse, so that it does not run. He intends to trick his animal-loving cousin Virgil, an apprentice veterinarian, into helping him. Of course, he doesn’t tell Virgil what he is...
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What is the Google Penalty? & SEO Penalties from Google 

The traffic contribution from organic channels is the highest for the majority of websites. The conversion rate from the organic channel is also the highest. This increases the dependency of businesses on Google. Even just a small improvement in Google ranking for a few keywords can increase the...
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What Is Google Knowledge and How Can It Help Your Business? 

What is a Googlebot? It’s interesting to think of Googlebots as virtual spiders crawling about the vast internet. The truth is much less exciting: it’s just a powerful computer program that constantly searches the whole web for relevant information for Google to index. What is crawlability? In layman’s terms,...
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