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About Us

ainewgeneration.com Magazine is the ideal website for those looking for a portal dedicated to information, which is full of news, current events and curiosities related to the contemporary world. The topics are very varied, so that it can embrace all possible interests of those seeking information on a web page designed precisely to fulfill this purpose. In addition, it is not to be outdone that one of the cornerstones, on which the editorial staff of ainewgeneration.com is based, is to always offer new news. These are based on information that is not only up-to-date, but also verified, as well as suitable for curious readers who want to know what is happening in the world without running into fake-news. The publication of new articles is frequent and allows you to receive all the news that you cannot miss, to keep yourself 100% up-to-date.

The range of articles available within the ainewgeneration.com Magazine website is very rich, which is why it gives the opportunity to find current news both regarding the Italian scene and of broader and international scope. In fact, topics related to news, politics and hot-topics related to economy and business are covered here, but without neglecting the areas dedicated to gossip, entertainment and cultural offerings, including cinema, books and photography. In addition, alongside articles focusing on wellness and health, both with respect to the body and psychology and with respect to cooking and home environments, news from the world of sports also finds its place. Special insights in this category are dedicated to engines and the world of women’s races, which are increasingly important in this new millennium of emancipation. Another area of the portal, dedicated to the universe of mothers, also lends itself to those looking not only for recreational activities for children, but also for the right advice on how to best care for and raise them.

Editorial staff
Daniela Devecchi: “Head Staff,” a freelance journalist with a degree in literature, I love writing and constantly learning new things. I find the job of a journalist to be one of the most fascinating there is. It allows you to learn, to get to know the world, to make yourself known and to enter into symbiosis with the reader

Helodie Fazzalari: Class of 1994, a publicist journalist registered with the Lazio Association and freelance photojournalist. I mainly cover environmental issues, geopolitics and human rights. For years I worked abroad working on civil conflicts such as the Chilean people’s guerrilla war against the government, or the Mapuche land struggle. I am currently back in Italy. I curate a travel blog and am the author of the book “L’incubo dell’incoscienza,” published by Eretica Edizioni.

Beatrice Verga: A professional wordsmith since 2011, a Milanese who loves her city but has transplanted to Brianza, in her spare time I paint, read, talk a lot and drink cappuccino with cinnamon. I write mostly about health, medicine and online marketing.