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Welcome to our website “AI Next Generation”. we are here to assist in computing Courses projects and providing various varieties of Ai blogs associated with data science, machine learning, deep learning, data analytics, Django, Data Analysis and lots of more technical blogs. we also provide videos associated with AI with appropriate price.

The main goal for us is to present technical practical knowledge to our viewers and customers in ai so they don’t have much problem after they join as fresher in enterprise. or fresher in AI domain.

We also build website with different technical website using AI technology . for E-commerce , Educational , Blogs , Prototype , Fashionista etc .


The “AI Next Generation ” provides online teaching platform .with a spread of options as one-to-one or one-to-many . also we offer various technical blogs and pro-recorded videos with AI courses .

We help our clients with various projects . associated with AI domain . employing a style of technology machine learning , deep learning , data science , data analytics , back-end etc .

We also handle final year student projects associated with Python AI domain.

We also build some popular website using AI technology. for E-commerce , Education , Blogs , Prototype , Fashionista etc .
Assignment and Project Specific Training

Assignment and Project Specific Training

Each fresher or AI learner faces some challenges which sometimes it becomes too difficult .That’s why our training courses are specifically designed to satisfy the goals you’ve got in mind. Our training courses cover a good range of aspects associated with Data Science , Machine Learning, Deep Learning , Computer Vision , Data Analysis , Back-end , programming solutions and far more.

  • We take the participant’s experience as a start line for learning, in order that they follow the right path for ai and their reality as a guiding principle.

  • We are sensitive to existing needs and show an understanding of people’s culture, background and realities.

  • we offer a superb learning environment and ultimately leave the responsibility for learning with the participant. and solving a range of problems associated with ai domain.

  • We treat our clients as our family to show our clients to attain their desired goals.

AI Domain Projects Solving

Any student or researcher or newbie stuck in their projects can’t make love. we offer the complete AI projects associated with Data Science, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Django, Flask and plenty of other sub-fields of AI.

  • We are sensitive to the prevailing needs and show understanding for the people in their respective projects.

  • We also provide Final year great project related to AI with documents.
  • We also help in solving the projects when our client stuck in some were in AI Project
  • We ensure a superb learning environment and project solution and deliver the projects within the deadline required by the client.


Whether you’re just starting get in programming or want to enhance your skills, AI Next Generation will teach you basic concepts to advanced concepts Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision , Data Analysis and more to assist you advance your career, get hired and succeed at a number of the highest companies within the world.
  1. Your strengths further as weaknesses are going to be highlighted more consistently and completely without the competition of other learners, unlike other training methods. As a result, this sort of coaching can cause you to an improved candidate. it’s the crucial for interactivity moreover as flexibility.
  2. differing kinds of projects that we teach, it’ll be associated with AI domain in order that you’ll be able to get some experience before working for company or for startup.


  • Online and Offline coding help

  • Debug with the assistance of an expert

  • learn the way to put in writing efficient code
  • Hire experts  for code review
  • Project-based code mentoring.
  • Share details of what you need help with

  • Easy and attractive design of code.
  • Every projects with documents specific training.


  • Online and Offline programming course training

  • Live one-on-one session

  • Programming training

  • learn the way to jot down code

  • Online programming training

  • Start or schedule a live session


  • projects for each algorithm
  • 3-4 major projects training.

One - on - One Session

The effectiveness of one-on-one training sessions, will allow a Trainer to present very interactive sessions with one to 1 learner . Consequently the Facilitator are going to be able to concentrate and a spotlight on the individual’s specific needs, per their specialty in their theory parts , technical parts and also the projects line of labor and dealing conditions.

You will haven’t any cut-off date . it’ll be rely on you and your speed what quantity you grasps the AI contents .

You have the eye of trainer you’ll ask questions when every you are feeling engaged to contact the trainer.

You will have every Saturday Doubt – Session so you’ll be able to attend the session and ask any carrier or technical question related .

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