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What Is Google Knowledge and How Can It Help Your Business? 

What is a Googlebot?

It’s interesting to think of Googlebots as virtual spiders crawling about the vast internet. The truth is much less exciting: it’s just a powerful computer program that constantly searches the whole web for relevant information for Google to index.

What is crawlability?

In layman’s terms, crawlability refers to how accessible your site is to Googlebots. Granting access to Google crawlers to pick up parameters allows users to find your website because these bots allow your pages to be indexed for Google searches.

Crawlability falls under technical SEO, and when the SEObots arrive on your website, you need to ensure they can easily find the information they are looking for. That’s why it’s crucial to have your site analyzed by a top-notch SEO company like Infidigit so that your Google rankings remain positive.

How does Googlebot work?

To understand the nuances of how a webpage ranks, it is important to know how the Google crawler works. Googlebot makes use of databases and sitemaps of the various links it discovered in its prior crawling to chart out where to crawl next on the web. Whenever Googlebot finds new links while crawling a website, it automatically adds those links to its list of webpages it is going to visit next.

How do you optimize your website for Googlebot?

For SEO to ensure optimum ranking in SERPs, you must optimize your website for Googlebots. Follow these tips to make sure that Google can easily and correctly index your site:

  • Correct Robots.txt

Robots.txt serves the purpose of being a directive for Googlebots. It helps Googlebot understand where to spend the crawl budget it has. This means you can control which pages on your website Googlebots can and cannot crawl.

  • Use internal links.

It is very helpful when you get a map of an area you’re visiting for the first time. Internal links serve the same purpose for Googlebots.As the bots crawl your website, internal links help them navigate through the various pages and crawl them comprehensively.

  • Use Sitemap.xml

The sitemap of a website is a very clear guide for Googlebots on how to access your website. Sitemap.xml serves as a map to your website for Googlebot crawlers. Googlebots might get confused by the complicated website architecture and lose track while crawling your website.


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