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Top 10 Best Niches for Blogging | earning money

These are the top 10 niches that are a great place to start out your new blog. I will cover step-by-step how to get started!

Are you a blogger and do you want to earn some extra money from your blog? Well, blogging is a very good part-time job and can help you in earning some money by sharing your knowledge with others.

Just like youtube, you can make money from your blog but the problem is that there are many niches to choose from such as parenting, beauty, food, and fashion.

So if you have decided on a niche to start blogging the next question that would be in your mind is which niche gives me the best chance of making some money out of my blog.

The answer to this question depends on the individual and their blogging aim. There are some great blogs out there that have earned significant amounts of money and generated a lot of income for their bloggers.

So today we are going to giving you a list of the top 10 niches that will help you earn money through blogging. The top 10 list is given below

Best niches for blog to earn money are:

1) Blogging about parenting

Top 10 Best Niches for Blogging to earn money in 2021

parents love to read blogs that give them tips and advice on parenting. You will always find new ideas, stuff to try out with your kids, creative activities for your toddlers, etc.

2) Blogging about fashion

Top 10 Best Niches for Blogging to earn money in 2021

Everyone loves fashionable clothes and accessories. People can’t get enough of it. Even if it’s not always possible for them to afford first-hand designer clothes, they do love reading about second-hand designer clothes on blogs.

3) Blogging about food

Top 10 Best Niches for Blogging to earn money in 2021

This niche is very popular at the moment and not surprising because everyone just loves food! There are many different kinds of food from different cultures and cooking styles, so if you can write about something that people love to eat, then it’s a plus point.

4) Blogging about Personal Development

Top 10 Best Niches for Blogging to earn money in 2021

This is a popular topic right now. Many people try to know better themselves and I believe it is a desire that can be found in every person, to become a better and more fulfilled human. Self-development can happen in many different ways, in my case I am doing it through blogging.

5) Blogging about Finance and Investment

Top 10 Best Niches for Blogging to earn money in 2021

Finance is the ability to manage funds and resources to achieve one’s goal while investment is the use of money, securities, or other financial assets in an endeavor that could yield a financial return. One’s ability to handle and use finances appropriately is a basic skill that is important not only in finance but also in many other aspects of our lives.

6) Blogging about News blog

Top 10 Best Niches for Blogging to earn money in 2021

News is a blog that is created by the people for the people. We write about the news that can be interesting to your readers. We are different from the other blogs because we provide you with news at all times of the day. Look at all of our articles and let us know your thoughts on what you would like to see more of.

A news blog is a blogging source where you can find the trending news of today’s world. We talk about news in all its forms from social to politics or sports. Our goal is to get you a fast and speedy answer to your question, and our experts are always here for you. We will be posting on all kinds of different topics so be sure to check back. Thank you for stopping by.

7) Blogging about Digital Marketing

Top 10 Best Niches for Blogging to earn money in 2021

It is a wide and expansive topic. It encompasses SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (pay per click), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and more.

Digital marketing is made easy. Our Blog has been designed to provide you with blogging tips, tricks, and tutorials as well as everything you need to start a blog.

Digital marketing is part of a channel strategy that addresses how business marketing plans are executed over various channels. Digital channels include:






Viral and Online PR and Word of Mouth Marketing

The most common digital marketing techniques include: emailing, SEO (search engine optimization), Salpi AdWords, PPC (pay per click), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Mobile advertising.

8) Blogging about Health and fitness

Top 10 Best Niches for Blogging to earn money in 2021

People who follow health and fitness are usually conscious about their looks and they like to explore new tips and tricks to make them look more appealing. So this blog also has huge traffic to start work on it.

My suggestion: Don’t give a solution for heath without knowing full knowledge about it.

9) Blogging about Travelling

Top 10 Best Niches for Blogging to earn money in 2021

In this you should post about what to wear when traveling, where to stay, budget tips, and how you save money. You also get a lot of questions about blogging itself so I thought I’d write a post about that as well.

Why would you waste your time to spend hours and hours of traveling?

Why don’t you make some money while traveling?

Travelling has been always a passion for most people especially the younger ones. By traveling, you have more chances of making money by writing articles about travels, food, and accommodation.

10) Blogging about How To Do(Do it yourself)

Top 10 Best Niches for Blogging to earn money in 2021

This niche is the best of all. Because this niche is solving people’s problems directly. Many bloggers are successful in this niche. But this niche has more competitors. If you put unique content continuously, then your blog becomes more popular and get more traffic.

Bonus Niche!!!

11) Blogging about Pets

Top 10 Best Niches for Blogging to earn money in 2021

Pets are the most liked creatures. Millions of people like pets and they spend hours searching for pets. So if you’re an animal lover then this is the best niche for you. Because you can start a blog on pets and write articles about pets and their well-being.

It is a blog that is the best niche for the blog to earn money. So that is why it is best niches for the blog to earn money which helps you make serious money online by blogging.

They are the best niches for blogs to earn money as they allow you enough time and freedom to work from home.

By following the above-mentioned blogs, you can learn a

nd do all those things that you wish to do in your life.


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