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Off-Page SEO: What Is It & What Are It’s Types? | Infidigit

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO includes all the SEO activities and strategies that are taking place outside of your website. Off-page SEO is often associated with just link-building, but it is more than that. This SEO strategy includes tactics like content marketing, engaging with the audience outside your website, listing in directories, etc. These improve your website’s ranking without requiring any changes to your website.

Why is off-page SEO important?

Google considers multiple factors before ranking a particular page or website, and off-page is one of them. It is difficult to rank only via content; this is where your off-page or link building plays an important role. It, in a way, tells Google what others think about your site, and that is why having backlinks from quality, relevant websites becomes important.

  • Do-Follow Links

A do-follow link is a default link type that allows Google bots or spiders to pass link juice or value to the link or webpage that is linked to. For example, If a renowned fashion magazine, let’s say X, adds an article to their website and gives a do-follow link to a relevant business, let’s say Y, it means that X is giving some of their own value to Y. This value helps Y achieve a better PageRank and rank better on SERP. The best way to use a do-follow link is to add a relevant keyword as the anchor text.

  • No-Follow Links

A no-follow link type means Google bots or spiders will not follow such links. They won’t pass any link juice or value to the page where they are linked to. As no link juice is passed, no-follow links won’t have any influence on rankings.

In Conclusion

Off-page SEO may seem easy when compared to on-page SEO or technical SEO, but there are many factors that are not under your control. Things like waiting for the verification of your accounts on various forums or sites, your posts, comments, or submissions going unpublished due to them not meeting site requirements, etc. can mean that you must start over. However, if done right, off-page SEO can boost your search rankings substantially.


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